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Relationships with Recruiters Making a Difference for Job Seekers

Posted by Juli Morris on Apr 26, 2012@11:00 AM

Chart Question 1Every quarter, FPC surveys professionals to gain insights on their perspective on workplace issues and trends. Of the approximately 2,100 professionals who responded to our latest Workplace Web Poll, over half of respondents reported having had positive experiences working with recruiters, successfully utilizing recruiters' connections with employers and finding value in the career advice and interview preparation they offered.

Additionally, 59% of respondents reported a positive experience using job boards, with 19% having landed a job via a job board and 40% making valuable connections with agency recruiters. 24% indicated that social media was a better option for their job search than job boards, and 17% no longer apply for jobs via job boards.

Finally, social media interaction in their job search was actively sought or at least accepted by 43% of respondents, with job seekers using social media to create a personal brand and to gather information on hiring companies. Amid the recent uproar over some employers requesting Facebook passwords from job candidates to view locked personal, it is not surprising that half of respondents indicated that they did not use social media for business purposes and did not welcome consideration of their social media interactions by employers in the hiring process. 9% of respondents favored legal restrictions against such use.

Respondents surveyed during the months of March and April 2012, across all industries and job levels, answered the following questions:

"How would you describe your experience working with a recruiter in the past?"

26% I worked with an industry specialist who had the right contacts at the companies I was interested in.
26% They gave me good career advice and prepped me for my interview.
34% I don't believe it helped or hurt the process.
14% It seemed like they were only looking out for themselves.

"How would you describe your experience applying for positions on job boards?

19% I got to the right person at the company I was interested in and got a job.
40% I got a lead for a job and was able to develop a relationship with a knowledgeable agency recruiter in my industry.
24% Social media has become a better option for me.
17% It's a black hole so I decided to stop applying for jobs online.

"Should employers use your online presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, etc.) to make hiring decisions?

48% No; I don't use my social media outlets for business.
09% No; I think there should be a law to prevent this.
21% Yes; I use social media to create a personal brand that has information relevant for employers.
22% Yes; I use social media to get information on potential employers before I apply, so it seems fair.

Ron Herzog, CEO & President of FPC, said, "As much as social media and other tools have changed aspects of recruiting today, interaction with recruiters continues to be a crucial part of the employment market and how job seekers find new opportunities. Professionals continue to use job boards to make valuable contacts directly with companies and agency recruiters, and candidates are receiving valuable career advice and interview preparation help from recruiters who specialize in their industry discipline. Social media is another way job seekers can connect with recruiters and benefit from their expertise and contacts."

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